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#psychotherapy #personcentered #personalgrowth #personaldevelopment #counselling #experientialtherapy #sheffield #sheffieldissuper It's a fundamental question, and pivotal to initiating and maintaining the therapeutic relationship. I used to introduce myself by identifying with my training, which is #personcentered and #experiential , but while that felt honest to some extent, it also felt clunky somehow. What do these words mean? How important are they? I can talk about the importance of respecting the autonomy, agency and sovereignty of each individual, but I hope that my clients experience the proof of this in how I relate with them. While I believe it's ethically imperative to be clear about our modality, I also like to honor the uniqueness of each relationship, and hope that I am open to beginning each relationship with a 'beginner's mind'. I hope that I am pluralistic in my outlook, while remaining grounded in the attitudes of compassion, warmth, attentiveness, acceptance and genuineness that are integral to any relationship that promotes growth. I also hope that how I am with people can change as the relationship develops. #psychotherapy #counselling

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