The illusion of separation

This might sound like a strange, or even insensitive statement in the current climate, but one risk of the current pandemic is that it reinforces the idea that we are separate from one another – a perception that #einstein referred to as ‘the optical illusion of consciousness.’ @noahlevine108 refers to the Tibetan idea that everyone has been our mother in a previous life. While this idea might seem extraordinary to some, if we can appreciate at a conceptual level, it makes it difficult to see any of our fellow humans as ‘other’.
Thanks to @drshaunashapiro  for the two quotes included here from #goodmorningiloveyou .
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Self Compassion Exercise

Self Compassion can feel challenging for all of us, for a variety of reasons. In the following exercise, as described by Dr Shauna Shapiro in ‘Rewire Your Mind’ (‘Good Morning I Love You’ in the U.S.), she sets out a simple, safe exercise that can help us practice self kindness.

A Self Compassionate Letter


Feeling #grateful might seem incongruent in such difficult times, but there is evidence that turning our attention and intention toward those positive experiences that we do have can reinforce and increase our #happiness , with subsequent benefits for our physical, #mental and #social #wellbeing. Thanks to @drshaunashapiro for this quote from #goodmorningiloveyou 0131 See also the work of @rickhansonphd

Business as usual…

Well, not quite perhaps, but my priority is to maintain contact in these extraordinary times, where anxiety and isolation are significant risks for us all. With this in mind, I am continuing to offer counselling, albeit through the alternative means of video and telephone calls, or text messaging. I’ll be updating all my social media and BACP as well as UKCP profiles in the next few days, but am happy to take enquiries via or 07447522578.
Mark Smith MBACP, UKCP (Accredited)