This is me, or rather, it isn’t really – just a two dimensional image, somewhat filtered, as everything is, whether by my apps, or others’ perceptions. I’ve been somewhat reluctant to post an image of myself – partly because of an ongoing discomfort with my appearance, but also a reticence in disclosing my identity as a white male, and all the shame that goes with the associated privileges that can come with such an identity. I feel deeply ambivalent about my identity;on the one hand, it seems vital to be honest about it, and to acknowledge the aforementioned privileges and toxicity that come with it. On the other, I fundamentally believe that the idea of ‘self ‘is the root cause of much personal, interpersonal, political, economic and ecological suffering – ultimately, the idea that there is any such thing as ‘other’ separates and alienates us from each other and our environment. If any identity issues are important to you and your suffering, I pledge as a therapist to work with you in understanding them from your perspective, and will commit to trying to learn about them from a personal, political, social, economic and cultural perspective. #identity #noself #whiteprivilege #toxicmasculinity #gender #counselling #onlinetherapy #onlinetherapist #sheffieldissuper #psychotherapy #sheffieldmentalhealth